Skillshare Consumer Review And Rating From Specialist

I signed up for Skillshare as a free trial.

The day BEFORE my trial was supposed to finish I received the email from them thanking me for subscribing to Premium.

Naturally, I was perplexed. It's normal for companies to provide free trials in hopes you enjoy the product enough to actually cover it. What isn't normal is for your company to LIE for you and bill you the day before the free trial will even finish, in effect alerting you and then quitting your money. I was angry.

I looked online and after 30 minutes of digging, I found a telephone number for the firm (Red flag, and that which valid company does not have an easily accessible customer support number?) . I called this number and it went straight to voicemail. At this point I was freaking out cause most of these adventures were leading me to think this actually was a scam. The only real option left to me is to compose them an email through their site. This was over 3 months past, and I have yet to find a response.

I'm appalled at the way they handle company (by first tricking their customers, then ignoring their issues). They stole my cash without warning and are currently unreachable.

I went back on their own site as well as their advertisement for Premium is a lie. It clearly says that your Premium accounts is cancelable at any time. What they really mean is it is possible to cancel it so it won't revive at the next billing cycle (which is an whole year!!) . They 5 Reasons Why You Need to Teach a Skillshare Class - The Art of Ass ... are crooks. If their articles were any good, I would have happily continued with their solutions, but each of a knockout post their videos are items I could find on YouTube or other places for free. The only thing I am do now is spare others the hassle.

DO NOT sign up for the free trial. If you do a little more research you will discover a plethora of other reviews such as mine.

Proceed into or even YouTube. Please, don't make the exact same mistake I did, and stay away!!

I wrote to Skillshare one last time, and it looks like in the past 4 weeks they have upped their client service match. I received a biased response apologizing to my previous experience and having an offer to refund me all of my cash. This gesture was more than I expected, and I am thankful to know that individuals do work at this business, and it appears they're listening to the negative reviews and also seeking to create a better firm.

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